Sunday, December 18, 2011

'68 Triumph build!

                                              Got the Bondo off, now time for the hard work!


                                   Thanks to Joel, I'm able to put a '07 790cc engine in this project.
I've got some coolio ideas to set this one apart from others, stay

New Metric build underway!

I've seen a fare bit of metric builds, we have a couple at our
disposal so we thought we'd give it a try to come up with some kick
azz bikes to sell after we're finished!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dresch Update!

Still working on the little things that eat the time away, but getting
closer to breaking it all down and head to paint!

The Elwood Project

Elwood working hard to get the chassis down to Atomic Paint to lay
down what they do best!

Nick's Chevy

Otis back on the rear 2 link bag set up! The custom TBC notch is all
welded in, just trying to push forward!

Josh's Ford F100

Well after countless hours of chassis, sheet metal, wiring, and
plumbing work, it's on the ground! Still got some small things to
button up, but close to heading down the street!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bass Kustom!

Some new, some old! But my hats off to Brian for being a one man show, looking at all the projects made me think what the hell am I doing here, I should be at my shop burning the clock up! But it's Thanksgiving and we all need some kinda of break! It's funny how us fabricators have so much in common, so much to do and not enough time to do it! But fabrication and quality takes time when your in demand!

Bass Kustom!

After lunch, we headed back to Brian's shop. We talked fab. work, the business side of what we do, and straight foward just shooting the shit! Brian was building a set of stainless pipes for this CFL that had been heavily modified! But after looking at the bike, he had done alot of small fabrication to it. Some people would never imagine how much time is spent on the little things!

Lunch Time

Well I made it down to Brian Bass's shop just in time for lunch! Rob
from Rob's Chop Shop joined us too! Good times, good food!

TBC Helping Out!

Carver creek fire dept. had there 1st annual car show. Looking for
vendors, we stepped up and supported the show. Not having a big car
count, due to other events and car shows. We just made the best of it!
We are in the planning stages of a full '12 season of going to some
big shows, will be putting a schedule up soon!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Candi's bday party with the crew!

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Jennifer spotted!

Jennifer driving the super nova around town!

Funny thought of the day

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Engine at Austin speed shop

This was one of the badass engines at Austin speed shop on my last visit!

Good places

Elwood and one of his truck drivers Jason on top of the world!! This year the road to the top will finished being paved, so the 19 mile dirt road will be no more! 

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Engine at Austin speed shop

This was one of the badass engines at Austin speed shop on my last visit.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Joe Robertson 2011 Piedmont NC 5.80 Index Raiders Champion!!

TBC would like to give Joe a big congratulations on his 2011 Championship win. Joe led the points through 2011 in his 1967 Camaro. TBC has always been a supporter of Joe and likewise Joe has supported TBC.
Joe's Camaro runs TBC built rear end, ladder bars, roll cage and headers.
Way to go Joe!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

TBC Garage Night Oct 28 2011


Robbie and his senorita from Atomic Paint.

Steve and Amanda from Atomic Paint


Otis' brother Doil showed up and brought a trophy.
Super Tim and Super Jen!
Just a real nice shot of a real nice Buick.
Josh from Depth of Speed. Keep a look out on the web for the footage he shot while here. Thanks a million Brother. Hope you had a good time.

We had an amazing time with a lot of amazing people last night. We would like to thank The Speed Kings for an wicked set, Josh from Depth of Speed for coming out and checking us out, and all  our local friends and family for showing their support. We do this for you, but without you we couldn't do it all. See ya in January, fourth Friday, free beer, free food, and maybe a double header act to kick off the last year on earth!!