Saturday, April 30, 2011

The '28 and '54 project!

What will be done!
'32 Frame rails, 4.6L Aluminum engine, Tremec 5 Speed

What can I say, I'm a sucker for the '54! Gonna be the foundation for the TBC '54 chassis product line! Air ride, front cross member with control arms, and rear suspension set-ups!

Jenn's '71 Nova

After about 4 years, Jennifer finally got to bring the SuperNova out to the Tallywood Car Show! And boy did she, TBC wear and all, nothing but smiles from her all day.
This project was very important to me, being it was the 2nd car I've ever painted! I'm ready to get busy on more of my projects, got alot of ideas on paint work for the 15 plus cars we got.

Nick's '51 Chevy

Nick found out about TBC, and had to beat feet to bring it in and have some repairs done! He's out and about with it now cruising around Fayetteville smiling!!


Jory's "Holy Rails" Truck

TBC's Holy Rail frame is getting alot of eyebrows!!


TBC's Custom Rear End Builds!

If your needing a rear end built for your next project give us a call 910-424-9811.

TBC Winters rear end build
TBC Winters rear end build
TBC Winters rear end build
10.5 Outlaw Fab. rearend

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sorry been busy!!!

Thanks to all that have been showing up for my "Garage Night". And I want to give thanks to Elwood, Adam, Brad, Flounder and Jennifer for all the support that they give in making it happen.