Friday, August 26, 2011

Job Rated Dodge truck!

Well we had to tweak the Fatman front kit 2" narrowed than what they
sent! Now we gotta lower the rear! But it looks bad azz!


  1. I dont know if tweaked is the right word to say here, how about measure, completely cut up, remeasure, redo, undo, scratch your head, re measure, call the company get some bogus answers and get told a universal part fits ANY type of vehicle, even though the customer had to pay 3 grand for the kit by itself, and still have to take it back off again to add more to make it rideable and work. oh and re measure. but hell it looks good....

  2. I wont even touch this one, pretty sure Elwood covered it... well except for cut measure, bend weld measure, brake, weld, cut, call cuss, drink, cut measure, weld!!


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