Friday, November 30, 2012

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"Gonna be a bad bitch....'32 rails, quickchange, Nailhead, 4 speed and Tim Bradham built...#timbradham #tbchotrods&bikes #myshit #27fordsedan"
(taken at TBC Hot Rods & Bikes)

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tear down on Josh's F100

The truck is pretty solid, just some small things to fix! But a complete tear down is needed in order to powder coat the chassis and suspension components! Plus to smooth the firewall, and build the sheet metal engine bay!

Josh Burnette F100 build

Josh Burnette a soldier in the 7th Group while overseas ended up losing his lower legs prior to him returning home. We talked back and forth about re-building is F100 when he got back. While things took a turn in a different direction. Josh still stuck to the plan of wanting to build a bad F100.  We have begun the tear down of the truck, while looking into parts. has stepped into the build of trying help out with  Lmc Truck can. We are planning on debuting Josh's truck at the the first weekend of April. The truck is needing some parts, which we are making a list as we speak. So if anyone that could step up to sponsor parts, that would be greatly appreciated. You can call the shop 910-424-9811 or email

Among many different builds going on, we got back on Josh's build starting with the chassis. Sand blasting it to bare metal will allow us to take full advantage of making sure all the welds are perfect and the paint flawless. 

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