Saturday, November 9, 2013

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"Sometimes it's about making jig fixtures before the project begins..... #timbradham #tigweld #builtnotbought #weldporn #tbcworks #weldingforaliving #fabrication #toyota #25.1chassis #tubechassis #turbo "
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Jim Brown Lay'n it Down!

Jim Brown Puts NMCA Super Street 10.5 On Warning; Runs 6.36 at just 211 mph in testing

Brown-01Last month Jim Brown eased back into the hot-seat of his 2001 Mustang GT when he unloaded a 4.31 checkout pass at Gateway International Raceway. After battling engine troubles with his 550ci big-block Ford Hemi engine, he teamed up with CNC Motorsports to get it sorted out and ready for serious action. Brown has a ProCharger F-3R centrifugal supercharger bolted to the front of his Hemi bullet and with the engine troubles behind him, Brown was ready to unleash the 2,600 hp we all know that thing makes. We are happy to report that the entire NMCA Super Street 10.5 category has been put on notice after a recent test session at Gateway. Brown dropped a sick 6.36 at just 211 mph (lifted 5.5 seconds into the run) that came by way of a 1.09 60-foot and 4.18 at 181 mph 1/8-mile during the run.
“It actually rattled the tires a bit so it felt like all the other passes,” stated Brown as the excitement in his voice was quite apparent. He continued, “it got out around 300-400 feet and picked the front end up and that’s when I thought it was gonna be a decent run. I never expected a .36 pass and figured it was a high 40 to low 50—maybe. I was obviously pretty stoked when I saw the 6.36.” The run makes him the second quickest Outlaw 10.5 style centrifugally supercharged car in the world, behind another ProCharger front-runner, Doug Sikora. Brown was quick to credit a lot of folks for his milestone run; on top of the list is Ryan Micke, brother of NMCA Super Street 10.5 record holder and point’s leader Mark Micke, Hank Dingfelder, Cliff Williams, Marc Beilman, Tim Bradham, M&M Transmissions, ProCharger, and of course Brown’s wife and family for putting up with his horsepower madness!

Friday, November 1, 2013

New site up and running!!

My new site is up and running, we're still updating pics! I don't think at this piont it'll never end updating, so you should get some good reading and photo material off it! Enjoy.... 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nova coming together...

New tube chassis front subframe, mini tubbed, narrowed rear end to fit 15x12's and some added safety roll cage work!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Competition Auto 10.5 Mustang

Had to replace the flex pipes that were in the exhaust today, over a couple of years they broke up.. So I replaced them with pipe, alittle harder to bolt it all back up! But at least it'll safe a turbo! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Joel's CB450 Cafe build

Thanks to Josh for coming on board to help out, within a couple of days it's firing. The starter is needing some attention, but it's coming along nicely!

Tim's "Cracking" Triumph build...

So I've had to make some Tim time in order to feel accomplished... So when Joel gave me the opportunity to own this cool Triumph which I did all the fab work on some years ago! I jumped on it! Now in the new shop I've spent some evenings and Saturdays finishing this kick azz bike which will be a head turner! 
This pics is at the old shop, when I first started the mock up stages...
Now in the new shop and so it begins..
Robbie did a awesome job on the tank, frame and fender. Kinda been having a vision of this British flag on the tank ever since it came back to the shop. 
The flat paint on the frame goes well with the gloss tins...
Working on the wiring and getting it wrapped up, big thanks goes to Josh who has been helping out at the shop..
I started building the pipes this week..
Kinda wanted to do something different, so here it is! I've seen many triumph exhaust but not like this! 
I really like stainless so I hand built a license plate out of it, and found the sporty tail light in my stash. So I sand blasted it and brush finished it. 
Getting close, really close!
Hope you enjoyed the build pic's, I'll post some more this Saturday....
Finished up Saturday afternoon, fired it up and rode it around Fayetteville for a bit! Then came back and checked over everything....all good! 
It's a cool build that I was fortunate to have gotten back (thanks to Joel). Now I look forward to some more bike builds, being it a Chopper, Cafe, or Bobber! It's all passion driven to me, just glad I finally have a bike that will be at the shop to show off the talents! 
Big thanks to....Robbie, Brad, Joel, Josh, Del, and especially my wife Jennifer!

Out and about at the "Ray Price Bike Show" this past Tuesday night, I didn't enter it because I was helping judge the show. Although I was told it should have been in it........... 

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Sorry about the finished, current projects and bikes links! I'm updating them for easier enjoyment. You can always check is out on

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bare Metal is in town....

Josh Burnette called me a couple of weeks ago said he wanted new headers and duals. So when he shows this past Thursday, we found out the block hugger headers didn't quite fit. The S-10 chassis that was under the truck didn't have the engine set back nor low enough for any headers to fit so well. So I had to modify the frame on the drivers side, no big deal. A day later the stainless headers and "Tim Bradham built duals" where on!

No matter what headers we were gonna use the steering wasn't going to work, so I ordered Flaming River steering joints to correct it. Along with some new rear shocks, fixing a leaky transmission gasket, and rear end pinion seal.
 I remember all of us coming back from the The Lone Star Round Up and getting the text from Josh that something had made a noise, while Geoff was texting something flew out from under Josh's truck hitting his coupe! Ended up being Josh's front sway bar had broke and the bolts were flying nearly missing Geoff's radiator... We all pull over, and yanked the remaining sway bar off. Lol....Good times! I upgraded the sway bar with bigger bolts and better bushings while Josh was here.

While Josh was in town our good friend Chris called to see if a photo shoot was good. So Chris drove down to snap some pics of Josh and his truck to put on his new website The Definition Of Sacrifice. I always enjoy the behind scenes of Chris shooting, so here are a couple I took, more will follow as I receive them.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Building a gas tank by Tim Bradham!

Del from Mutiny Cycle works asked me about building his gas tank. With a cardboard template that he made, I took on the challenge and stepped it up a few notches... While Del had the vision of the tank being flat sided, I was thinking about how my Pullmax P9 could help me build it with rounded corners. So from an idea of Del's, to me pounding out some metal, here are the stages it took to build this one off tank! Enjoy...
^ It all started with this piece of 18g steel... 
^ Then the use of my Pullmax P9 I started shaping the tank.
^  With the top and sides shaped, I began to tig weld them together.
^ Metal finishing the welds, while metal bumping out the high/low spots.
^ The tunnel and bottom are made of 16g steel.
^ Finally done, my inspiration came a lot from Jesse James and Metal Church! A must to see, if your planning on building your own gas tank.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Taylor's Yamaha XS650 Cafe build..

The rebirth of a Yamaha Xs650!

A lot of mock up, but starting to take shape!

Fully mocked up, and really looking like a cool cafe racer! At that point it's ready to tear down for powder coat and paint!

After a few months of building, it came down to firing it up and ride. Couldn't help but to stop for a quick photo shoot! The Xs turned out really nice for just building it outta images from our head! At this point Tommy was working with me, so I gotta give thanks!