Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bare Metal is in town....

Josh Burnette called me a couple of weeks ago said he wanted new headers and duals. So when he shows this past Thursday, we found out the block hugger headers didn't quite fit. The S-10 chassis that was under the truck didn't have the engine set back nor low enough for any headers to fit so well. So I had to modify the frame on the drivers side, no big deal. A day later the stainless headers and "Tim Bradham built duals" where on!

No matter what headers we were gonna use the steering wasn't going to work, so I ordered Flaming River steering joints to correct it. Along with some new rear shocks, fixing a leaky transmission gasket, and rear end pinion seal.
 I remember all of us coming back from the The Lone Star Round Up and getting the text from Josh that something had made a noise, while Geoff was texting something flew out from under Josh's truck hitting his coupe! Ended up being Josh's front sway bar had broke and the bolts were flying nearly missing Geoff's radiator... We all pull over, and yanked the remaining sway bar off. Lol....Good times! I upgraded the sway bar with bigger bolts and better bushings while Josh was here.

While Josh was in town our good friend Chris called to see if a photo shoot was good. So Chris drove down to snap some pics of Josh and his truck to put on his new website The Definition Of Sacrifice. I always enjoy the behind scenes of Chris shooting, so here are a couple I took, more will follow as I receive them.

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