Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tim's "Cracking" Triumph build...

So I've had to make some Tim time in order to feel accomplished... So when Joel gave me the opportunity to own this cool Triumph which I did all the fab work on some years ago! I jumped on it! Now in the new shop I've spent some evenings and Saturdays finishing this kick azz bike which will be a head turner! 
This pics is at the old shop, when I first started the mock up stages...
Now in the new shop and so it begins..
Robbie did a awesome job on the tank, frame and fender. Kinda been having a vision of this British flag on the tank ever since it came back to the shop. 
The flat paint on the frame goes well with the gloss tins...
Working on the wiring and getting it wrapped up, big thanks goes to Josh who has been helping out at the shop..
I started building the pipes this week..
Kinda wanted to do something different, so here it is! I've seen many triumph exhaust but not like this! 
I really like stainless so I hand built a license plate out of it, and found the sporty tail light in my stash. So I sand blasted it and brush finished it. 
Getting close, really close!
Hope you enjoyed the build pic's, I'll post some more this Saturday....
Finished up Saturday afternoon, fired it up and rode it around Fayetteville for a bit! Then came back and checked over everything....all good! 
It's a cool build that I was fortunate to have gotten back (thanks to Joel). Now I look forward to some more bike builds, being it a Chopper, Cafe, or Bobber! It's all passion driven to me, just glad I finally have a bike that will be at the shop to show off the talents! 
Big thanks to....Robbie, Brad, Joel, Josh, Del, and especially my wife Jennifer!

Out and about at the "Ray Price Bike Show" this past Tuesday night, I didn't enter it because I was helping judge the show. Although I was told it should have been in it........... 

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