Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Moving a filler for a gas tank.

Josh using the Pullmax with some doming dies to shape the filler piece. Then tig welds the filler, metal finishes, and welds the new one on. 

AMSoil Dealer!

Be good to your bike this winter and give it the best it deserves! 
We stock AMSoil to help you with that.....

Josh's '78 Shovelhead Build

Josh in mock up stage of seeing what he wants to make outta of his new toy. He's decided to make it a non-rigid, so the frame is being cut as we speak..... Like all of our custom builds, there will many handmade parts to make. Follow along as Josh brings new life into this old metal......

Josh switching up on his rigid, making a tubular swing arm! Just another thing we do here at the shop. We build our own stuff, not subbing out to keep quality and control tight!
Fender mock up with the swing arm! 

TBC Moto/Coast to Coast '78 Harley Shovelhead "Giveaway Bike"

Building a Shovelhead for a great cause, and you have a chance to win it! Cris Valley who we've built 2 bikes for this past year, whom some of you already know from is Coast to Coast organization for raising money for the fallen soldiers. Told us he wanted to build a bike and raffle it off at the end of next years ride across country. So I talked it over with Josh and decided we'd sponsor the build to help out. There will be more info to come, so stay tuned...... Thanks Tim, Josh, Cris, and Coast to Coast

                              The bike!
                         Going together.....

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Trying to become an Invite Builder for the BF8 show!

The 2016 BF8 Invited Builders

Attention Bike Builders! Here is a great opportunity to get involved with the show & have some fun. The @show_class_mag BF8 People Champ Promo is waiting for you. #bf8#bf8showclasspeopleschamp

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Working with aluminum, building a gas tank!

I started working with aluminum some years ago, finding it easy to use after annealing it and not! I mean annealing the aluminum makes for easier shaping. It's soft, but yet by the time you shape it, it becomes pretty stern. Taking the aluminum straight to the Pullmax P9 quickens the shaping time, and is easier on the wrist! 
After all the shaping, it's time to tig weld! Setting the Lincoln Square Wave 255 at AC current, and 80 amps. I use the foot pedal to control the heat has I lay the welds down. Remember you'll have some warping, so check fitment has you weld. 

Always make a pattern to start with!
Shrinking the top part of the tank.
After shrinking I use the English wheel to smooth out and get some crown.
Test fitting the top.
The whole tank is made from .080 and so was the bottom part too. Note the machined bungs welded from the inside, so from underneath you only have a simple hole for the bolt.
More mock up.
All done!

All in all, it takes some patience to handcraft a gas tank! Having the right tools and welder helps too! Don't be afraid to tackle something like building a gas tank, fender, or even a whole bike from scratch. Just believe in yourself and don't be scared of messing up, we all do that! You'll learn from your mistakes. Tim Bradham

Monday, September 28, 2015

Ray Price Expo Chopper Winner!

We took the IronHead up to the Ray Price Expo, put it in the chopper class and Won! This was our first indoor show, and even though we got some miles on it, it still stood out! The judges were very strict, but saw the craftsmanship that we put into it, and really like it all! 
Thanks to all that voted for TBC, we really appreciate all the support!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

3 Times a Charm!

We've had 3 bikes win at The Horse BC Magazine, SmokeOut Rally16. All 3 painted in-house with BASF Paints by Robbie Lynch. Clay Stephens CB750 did it back '11, Josh's Sporty '14 in the Top 3 Pro Class, and recently the Pro Chop Off Invite Build, TBC's IronHead all handbuilt bike. Just wanted to say good job Robbie on help putting TBC on top! Tim Bradham

Monday, June 22, 2015

Shrum Graphics

Wanted to give Chris from Shrum Graphics a thumbs up for his leather work on the Pro Chop Off bike! I hit Chris up to do the leather work after seeing his quality and I must say he knocked it out of the park! He's a big part of helping us win the SmokeOut16!  Please look him up, and start following him! Tim

Sunday, June 21, 2015

"TBC Handcrafted Motorcycles Wins The SmokeOut16 Rally"

Well, after 9 months of off-and-on building this beautiful machine, it came down to debuting it! We made the trip down to Murrells Inlet, SC at Suck Bang Blow on Wednesday evening, showed off the bike along with Cycle Works Inc, Court House Customs, and Led Sled Customs. We all got up Thursday morning and headed out to Rockingham, NC at 9:00 a.m. The trip was up and down for all the builders, from flat tires, coil issues, mag problems, to overheating in the 100 degree weather! All eventually made it to Rockingham, got set up, and called it a day. Friday the show opened and the rest is history.....

The end result of a great weekend! "SmokeOut 16 Pro Chop-Off Winner"

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cris's BMW R90 Scrambler Build

Cris Valley rode this R90 BMW from California to NC in honor of a Special Forces comrade, Ryan Savard, who was killed in Afghanistan. After he returned to Fayetteville, NC, he dropped the bike off for Josh and I to give it a upgrade! After looking through many pics Cris sent us, he was wanting a scrambler type build. So we got started on building the BMW R90, we hope you enjoy watching the build has much as we enjoyed building it..... Tim & Josh